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‘Off the ropes’ is boxing parlance; said to encourage a fighter to manoeuvre away from the ropes i.e. a position of adversity and weakness, and battle on with greater might, thus summing up perfectly, the ethos of our business.

By collaborating with the world’s wisest, brightest, most successful, self-actualised people, who have truly experienced adversity along the way, we’ll coax you off the ropes and lead you on your path to greatness and self-sovereignty.

We all dream of greater fulfilment. A better self. A more improved version of ourselves. But, all too often, we hide in the shadows. Too afraid to step forward and show our true selves: our passions, goals and ideas. Afraid of rejection, humiliation and judgement. Irrational, intangible fears which keep us small, but fears which are surmountable with the right support.

‘There are shadows, because there are hills.’
E.M. Forster.

What's your legacy?

Learn how and why the world’s most successful people dragged themselves off the ropes – a place of hardship and disadvantage – and moved into a position of greatness. Writers, artists, mentors, entrepreneurs, sports-people, actors, scientists, dancers, political campaigners and philanthropists who have experienced true adversity share with you their journey from small to mighty; their daily routines and resources; their favourite books, films and motivational music; their fears and failures; each one a rags to riches life-enhancing tale to help you get Off the Ropes!

Listen to the weekly Off the Ropes podcast and learn how to create your legacy.

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  • Festival House, Jessop Avenue, Cheltenham, GL50 3SH UK
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