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Quit Bitchin’, Start Doin’!

‘I can’t imagine a person becoming a success who doesn’t give this game of life everything he’s got.’

Walter Cronkite.

How’s that book coming along? Your new business idea? Your desire to speak Spanish; learn the accordion, or run your first marathon? If you’re like 99% of lazy-arsed human beings, your plans for greatness have no doubt stalled. Save that crazy adventurin’ stuff for those with the time and money, hey?

Think the life of your dreams is reserved for only those with means and privilege? Tell that to Geoff Thompson, the sexually abused factory floor-sweeper who became a BAFTA winning writer. For only those who are in optimal physical shape? Tell that to Steve Bate, the first blind climber to solo-climb the 3000ft El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. For only those whose minds are not plagued by depression? Tell that to Michael Kacer, the former US soldier who lost his arm in a rocket attack, yet battles addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder to run marathons, Tough Mudder challenges and compete in the Invictus Games. These inspiring individuals are not super-humans; but they are phenomenally determined to improve their lives, regardless of their circumstances. And so can you.

The two biggest excuses we all use for not pursuing our dreams are, ‘I can’t afford it’ and ‘I haven’t got the time.’ And these are the two biggest lies we all tell ourselves. If you’re waking up a 8am, you’ve already missed at least two hours of graft. If you’re watching TV all night, that’s another 4 hours spent not pursuing your dream because you ‘haven’t got the time.’ Over 7 days, that’s 28 wasted hours. 28 hours is long enough to learn a new language!

But you’ve been working all day, and you ‘deserve’ to relax at night, right? Wrong. No one deserves a thing; not a sausage, not a dime. The universe owes you nothing and you certainly won’t be rewarded for loafing after a long day. Go ahead and loaf, but quit complaining you haven’t got the time to change your life. You do. You just don’t really want to. If you want more, you need to give more.

Don’t have the money to buy a new bike, trek across Australia or bungee jump the Corinth Canal? Not now, perhaps. But you could, if you were prepared to work harder. But that’ll be tiring? Yes, absolutely. But your ultimate goal is surely worth the sacrifice. Red Bull BASE jumper, Miles Daisher couldn’t afford to partake in his passion for parachuting, so he lived in a tent for years whilst packing parachutes for other people. He saved up enough money to start hurling himself out of planes and he’s now a member of the elite Red Bull Air Force and a record-breaking BASE jumper. Ultra-endurance cyclist Julia Buhring – the first woman to circumnavigate the world on bicycle – worked multiple jobs to fund her global adventure and a new bike. I could list hundreds of examples of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, simply because they had the tenacity and willpower to achieve their initially perceived insurmountable goal. They weren’t privileged; they didn’t have nest-eggs to raid, and many weren’t even physically fit, but they weren’t deterred and could never be heard saying, ‘I can’t.’

Our objective for Off the Ropes is to help as many people as possible to lead the life they were blessed to have been granted; to encourage people to make leaps of faith into the unknown and live optimally and with meaning. To facilitate this goal, we work several jobs and whilst our friends don’t understand that we don’t watch TV in the evenings, or that we’re often not free for social gatherings, we feel that if we want to achieve our goal we need to work extraordinarily hard. As I type this, it is 5.20am. Last night, we worked until 11.30pm. Are we tired? Yes, but who cares? You can’t change the world from sitting in an armchair.

If you’re still unconvinced and believe adventures, challenges and a dream life is for ‘those other people’, take a moment to listen to the tales of triumph over adversity from our inspiring and motivational Off the Ropes podcast guests. I can guarantee you’ll want to take on the world afterwards.

‘Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.’

Henry David Thoreau

We’d love to hear about your personal challenges and plans for adventure. What will you do today to take a step closer to achieving your dream? Let us know in the comments below. Unless you’re selling penis-enlargements. We don’t want to hear about that.

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  1. If I wasn’t motivated before, I am after this post. It’s so true–we must get to action or stop talking about it! :)

  2. sally rawlings

    Great attitude and a wake-up call, no more ” I haven’t got time “.

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