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‘Goals, Purpose & Difficult Relationships’ with Author, Counsellor & Martial Artist, Tony Somers.

Pursue the life of your dreams, follow your heart, find your purpose – all well-meaning, positive sentiments, but how helpful are they really? How do you follow your heart & work in the dream job when you’ve a family to support and a mortgage to pay? Can we all really just down tools and trot off on our desired paths into the sunset?

Counsellor, martial artist and author, Tony Somers, believes everyone has the capability to bring about positive and transformative change in their lives, but not easily, of course. Change is often painful, uncomfortable and alienating, particularly if unsupportive friends and family challenge your desires to want more from life. How do you plough on with your new year plans if loved ones are unwilling to share your vision and optimism for a brighter future? Listen-in to hear Tony discuss goals, fear, relationships and purpose; the ideal episode to herald the start of a new year!

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