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‘It’s not what you do, but what you inspire others to do.’ – Atlantic Rower, Sally Kettle.

If you’ve ever considered taking on an epic adventure but feared you lack the requisite skills, Sally Kettle will allay your concerns. Restless after university and uncertain in what direction to take, Sally accepted a seemingly random challenge set by her boyfriend of the time, to row the Atlantic. Sally was not a seasoned rower. Worse, her rowing partner – her mother – had never rowed a boat in her life! The pair went on to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic, receiving a Guinness World Record for their spectacular endeavour, thus beginning a life of adventure and purpose for Sally Kettle.

Topics Discussed:

  • Uncertainty following university.
  • Struggling with an eating, and anxiety disorder.
  • Disappointment after the failure of her first attempt to row the Atlantic.
  • Life inside a 23ft x 6ft rowing vessel.
  • Coping with sea-sickness.
  • How to pass the time at sea.
  • How to bounce back after repeated disappointment.
  • Healing the wounds of a difficult childhood.
  • What Sally learned during her adventures.
  • Wanting to break a record for the fastest women’s 4 to row the Atlantic.
  • Resisting resentment following a team-mate’s departure from the Atlantic Rowing Race.
  • The highs and lows of IVF.
  • Making a film about her rowing adventure.

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Episode resources:

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  1. Tom Castor

    What a courageous lady, and her mum too, just goes to show what can be achieved with the right attitude and mindset. Firmly believe in the saying “where there’s a will there’s a way”

  2. Joseph Caan

    Amazing lady, it’s great that she got to row the Atlantic with her mother. Well done to her for agreeing to take part.

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