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A Real Life Spiderman!

Ryan Doyle, Red Bull parkour pro and free-running champ, discusses the importance of pushing beyond our boundaries. For someone who spends his life travelling the world hurling himself off buildings, walls, roofs and generally, any fixed object which looks like it should be jumped, Ryan’s recipe for living off the ropes is well worth listening to. The martial artist, actor, film-maker and multiple tricking and free-running world champion can teach us all a thing or two about living without limits.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why we should all spend more time in the park!
  • How Ryan became the first world champion free-runner at the Red Bull Art of Motion competition.
  • How a broken leg didn’t deter him from becoming the best in the world.
  • Why Ryan created his Airborn Academy.
  • How to take your first steps in parkour.

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Episode resources:

Ryan Doyle official website

Ryan Doyle YouTube Channel

Ryan Doyle Ellen Degeneres double

DXM trailer

Airborn Academy

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  1. Christine Twigg

    Amazing guy, watched some of the tutorials on YouTube yesterday afternoon and my husband practiced the parkour roll in the garden.

  2. Alex Potts

    Good job Ryan!

    A real inspiration, I still remember first meeting you in Liverpool all those years ago! Keep it up dude!

    1. Victoria Author

      Hey, thanks Alex :)

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