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‘Pain is temporary, pride is for ever!’ Polar explorer & around the world sailor, Paula Reid.

Labelling Paula Reid a ‘polar explorer and around the world sailor’ is somewhat of a disservice. To accurately describe her in one summarisable sentence is almost impossible! Paula’s ‘Live life to the full’ motto has enabled her to accomplish 117 (and counting) life-changing activities on her ‘living life list’ including: a 10 month voyage around the world (the wrong way!) by yacht (with no experience!); a six week trek to the South Pole (succumbing to excruciatingly painful ‘polar thigh’ one week in); paddling 300 miles down the Mekong River (after purchasing a dug-out canoe from a bemused Cambodian tribe); kayaking the Thames and, cycling the length of the UK! Aside from her adventurous, and sometimes, life-threatening escapades, Paula’s life mission is to empower others to push themselves to accomplish feats previously thought impossible, big or small. Paula will remind you to start taking advantage of every precious moment spent on earth!

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Episode resources:

Paula’s website


Live Life to the Full, by Paula Reid
Boat to Boardroom by Alex Alley & Paula Reid
World’s Most Dangerous Jobs, by Paula Reid

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Happy adventuring!

Victoria & Stu xx


  1. John Collins

    Paula is a very inspiring lady, must read her book. Even if people are motivated to get out of their chair and take a walk in the countryside or park they will get great health benefits.

  2. Sam Paris

    WOW! that’s some achievement, and it’s great that Paula highlights the fact that a mix of fun & extreme adventures are included in her list, very enjoyable interview.

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