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One Taxi, 3 Mates & 43,000 Miles of Misadventure – Paul Archer.

Paul Archer loves an adventure. But not of the serious Antarctic/Everest/swimming the Atlantic death defying kind. More of the comical, crazy, spontaneous ‘let’s travel around the world in a London taxi’ kind of expedition. An adventure with fun at its soul. The sort of loony trip you might dream up whilst having too many pints in the pub; an idea most of us would leave there. Not Paul and his pals, who took that idea and made it happen! Two years later, the adventurous trio buckled up in their refurbed black cab and commenced a 43,000 mile journey across four continents and fifty countries, scoring two Guinness World Records for their troubles!

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Happy adventuring!

Victoria & Stu xx


  1. Nige

    A very amusing listen! Amazing adventure and not without its element of danger.
    It will certainly put a smile on my face when I am next in a Black Cab!

  2. Christine Twigg

    What an original idea, enjoyed listening about Paul and his mates travels.

  3. Nadia Pendleton

    This story put a huge smile on my face. I can see why the press loved them and their adventures. I’m completely inspired by Paul and his friends. I wonder if the taxi might want to come out of retirement any time soon. Is it a diesel? If so I could help give it a new lease of life!

    1. Victoria Author

      Ooooh, I like your thinking!! Drop him a line! :)

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