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‘We all have our own Pacific Ocean to cross.’ Natalia Cohen, 2 x Guinness World Record holding ocean rower.

Pacific rower, Natalia Cohen, will inspire you to seek more, do more and be more. One member of the Coxless Crew – a team of 6 super adventurous women who rowed 9000 miles across the Pacific Ocean in a 29ft boat called Doris, Natalia oozes positivity, enthusiasm and tenacity. Skills which were thoroughly tested when the planned 6 month voyage became 9 months due to unforeseen technical difficulties and petulant weather.

Hear Natalia enthusiastically describe her magnificent voyage, how she cultivated the mental strength & resilience needed to spend 9 months at sea, how she overcame difficulties with team-mates, what she enjoyed most about being so isolated from land and society, and why she feels we all have our own Pacific Ocean to cross.

Topics Discussed:

  • What circumstances in Natalia’s life prompted the Pacific row.
  • Why having no previous rowing experience didn’t faze Natalia.
  • The objectives of the Pacific row.
  • Doris – the 7th team member.
  • How Natalia felt first stepping aboard Doris & why she didn’t want her family present.
  • On coping with fear, especially when swimming!
  • A typical day at sea.
  • PES (performance enhancing strategies) practised aboard.
  • Food, drinks and toilet arrangements!
  • Team dynamics.
  • Applying lessons learned at sea to daily life.
  • The benefits of discovering people’s ‘hot buttons’.
  • Coping with the frustrations of things not going to plan.
  • The highlights of the voyage.
  • The two Guinness World Records.
  • The people who inspire Natalia.
  • How she felt once the challenge was complete.

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People Mentioned:

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  1. Lenny Lamont

    I have only ever rowed about half a mile up and down the River Stour in Dorset on sunny days, and that was taxing enough, I cannot begin to imagine the Pacific.
    Total admiration to Doris and the team for completing this amazing adventure.

    1. Victoria Author

      Snap, Lenny! Well, I’ve rowed unsuccessfully around in circles for some time. Pacific next?

  2. Denise Ellison-Smythe

    What a great experience. It must have been amazing coming across whales.

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