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‘Never say you can’t. You can!’ Ultra-endurance runner & multiple Guinness World Record holder, Mimi Anderson.

If you’ve ever thought it’s too late for you to achieve something epic, Mimi Anderson will force you to reconsider. Mimi began running when she was 36; to assist in her recovery from anorexia, and to help her re-discover her purpose and identity.

Although, initially, only able to run on a treadmill for a few minutes without heaving for breath, Mimi is now one of the world’s most accomplished and decorated long-distance runners. To date, Mimi has run the entire length of Britain and Ireland – achieving two Guinness World Records for her efforts; she’s won several ultra-endurance races including the tortuous 6633 Arctic ultra-marathon, the Double Spartathlon (153 miles from Athens to Sparta AND back again) and the 135 mile Cyprus Ultra. Now 54, Mimi is preparing to run 3000 miles across America, hoping to snatch her third mind-blowing World Record. Off the Ropes? We’ll say!

Topics Discussed:

  • How to begin running and overcome embarrassment.
  • How to overcome the intimidation of exercise.
  • The appeal of ultra-running.
  • Mimi’s 15-year battle with anorexia & how running helped.
  • Mimi’s first Marathon des Sables – what went wrong.
  • Why Mimi felt running shaped her identity.
  • Why we shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to do things alone.
  • Mimi’s favourite, and also her most challenging, race.
  • The consequences of her father’s death during the gruelling 6633 Arctic Ultra.
  • The power of visualising success.
  • Who motivates Mimi.
  • Preparing for her 3000-mile race across America.
  • Mimi’s Off the Ropes Challenge!

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Episode resources:

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Happy adventuring!

Victoria xx


  1. Dante Fiebig

    Very interesting, thank you.

    1. Victoria Author

      Thank you Dante! :)

  2. Kit Wasco

    Just goes to show its never too late to start something new, remarkable achievements.
    Now where’s that hula hoop!

    1. Victoria Author

      Ha ha, yep, get the hula-hoop Kit & send us some pics! :)

  3. Susie Chan

    Truly inspirational, good luck with your 3000 mile race.

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