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‘I’m crazy? If you’re not doing what you love, I think YOU’RE crazy!’ Red Bull BASE jumper, Miles Daisher.

Miles Daisher couldn’t be more off the ropes if he tried! A member of the elite Red Bull Air Force, with a record-breaking 4100+ BASE jumps and a rapidly climbing 7000+ sky-dives, his unrelenting enthusiasm and passion for hurling himself off extreme peaks is palpable and infectious. He animatedly discusses his most challenging jumps and most terrifying; his unbridled motivation for pushing boundaries beyond the realms of perceived possibility, and recounts many an adventure with close friend, the late Shane McConkey.
Warning: Listening to Miles may render your life utterly dreary in comparison.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What it takes to be a Red Bull Air Force pilot.
  • How it took 40 years to realise his dream of being a Hollywood stuntman.
  • How Miles assesses and manages the risk of every jump.
  • How it feels to kayak out of a plane!
  • The method in his perceived madness.
  • How to utilise fear to overcome challenges.

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Episode resources:

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  1. Sally Jackson

    What a guy , so brave and funny, it was very entertaining to listen too, can’t imagine base jumping and only having 25 seconds before you land, so frightening for us land lovers to contemplate.
    Hope he continues to live the thrill.

    1. Victoria Author

      Thanks, Sally. Yes, incredibly funny & inspirational man.

  2. Gary Duke

    i smiled for 55 minutes, fantastic podcast. Thanks so much!

    1. Victoria Author

      So did we, Gary! Don’t you just wish he was one of your buddies!

  3. Christine Twigg

    Fun guy, love his zest for life.

  4. Ian stephenson

    What an absolute legend! Inspiring guy with an awesome attitude and some very wise words about living life with passion – ‘No one gets out alive anyway’.

    Must listen podcast.

    1. Victoria Author

      Thanks Ian. Yep, he’s full of life, isn’t he? One of our faves! :)

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