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‘I will do everything I can, to be the best I can be.’ – Paralympian & multiple world record holder, Mel Nicholls.

‘Dream Big’! Two life-changing words which have taken Mel from multiple stroke sufferer to multiple world record holding wheelchair racer. And beyond!

Hospitalised for heart surgery following her third stroke, Mel passed the time mesmerised by the athletes competing in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. Previously a competitive sports-woman, Mel was determined to maintain an active lifestyle and love of sport, undeterred by disability. She immersed herself in any disability sports she could find, ultimately making the decision to focus on wheelchair racing in 2010. 15 months later she found herself representing Great Britain in the London 2012 Paralympics, just the beginning of her life’s adventure!

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Victoria & Stu xx


  1. Chris North

    Remarkable and cheerful lady, to achieve this level of success after serious health issues is admirable.

    1. Victoria Author

      Yep, a super star, no doubt. And so very lovely too.

  2. Jim James

    It’s great that Mel’ s horse helped her on the road to recovery, and fantastic what she has gone on to achieve.

    1. Victoria Author

      It’s a beautiful story, isn’t it. Certainly made us cry!

  3. Martin Ding

    A very brave and inspiring story, she has done so well to overcome her illness and to be so successful.

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