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7 Summits, 2 Poles, 1 Mission – with Martin Hewitt.

Could you climb seven of the world’s highest mountains? Walk to the North Pole and South Pole unsupported? Could you tackle such challenges without a leg, arm or optimal vision? Martin Hewitt, a former commissioned officer with the Parachute Regiment, shares his story of resilience and endurance on the Off the Ropes podcast.

Following injury during his service in Afghanistan, and his subsequent medical discharge, Martin founded the Adaptive Grand Slam, a series of extreme and record-breaking endeavours specifically for disabled ex-service personnel and civilians; inspiring and enabling those with disabilities to lead a life without limitation.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Martin survived being shot in the chest.
  • Why a paralysed right arm would not deter him from leading an extraordinary and fulfilling life.
  • Why Martin wanted to support fellow injured ex-service personnel and establish the Adaptive Grand Slam.
  • Why defeat on Everest would not prevent him from returning.
  • How vertigo affects his ability to climb.
  • How to strengthen your mindset, the most essential attribute in overcoming adversity.
  • How to participate in the Adaptive Grand Slam.

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One Comment

  1. sally rawlings

    A very determined and driven young man, especially liked his three recommendations for overcoming adversity,

    “Get out there”, ” find focus ” and ” Get stuck in ” .

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