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‘Losing my Arm Made Me a Better Person’ with Michael Kacer

In 2008, whilst on deployment to Afghanistan, staff sergeant Michael Kacer became a victim of a rocket attack which was claim to lives of his two close friends. Michael sustained severe and life-changing injuries; injuries he was not expected to recover from. Yet, due to his astonishing determination and extraordinary positivity, he did recover, and even though he lost his left arm, he believes his life is now much richer than it was prior to the attack. He attributes sport to be his personal saviour and this month, he’ll represent the US in 9 events at the second Invictus Games in Orlando. If Michael can’t inspire you to step away from the sofa of comfort, no one can.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Michael volunteered for service in Afghanistan.
  • How the events of 18th June, 2008 changed his life for the better.
  • How he discovered his ‘new normal’ after losing his arm.
  • Why he believes sport saved him from alcoholism and depression.
  • How you can overcome adversity to achieve a more fulfilled life.

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  1. This is my son and I have watched the changes and I am proud of where he came from and he has become the person that has set a standard that makes all proud to know him and be associated with him.

    1. Victoria Author

      You must be incredibly proud. It was an honour to speak with Michael and for him to share his remarkable journey with us. A truly inspirational soul. x

  2. David Fargo

    Great job Michael.

    1. Victoria Author

      Absolutely! Thanks for your comment, David.

  3. Diane

    I am so happy he is doing well. Michael is a true inspiration I don’t know him personally but my son does he served with this fine young man.

    1. Victoria Author

      Hi Diane. Many thanks for listening to the interview & for your comment. Yes, Michael is a true inspiration & it was a privilege to hear his story.

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