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‘Chasing the Elements’ – Finding Purpose, with film-maker & author Liv Williams.

Liv Williams, adventurer, film-maker and author, joins Victoria on the Off the Ropes podcast to discuss her beautiful and thought-provoking new book, ‘Chasing the Elements’ which explores the mind-set, heart and soul of extreme sports people from the world of BMX, surfing, free-diving, skate-boarding, free-running and more!

Liv radiates wisdom and compassion and will leave you wondering why you’re here and how your life can impact the world. Hear Liv describe her adventurous childhood, her struggles with choosing the right career path, how she coped with stress and fear whilst documentary making in Iraq and Nepal, and how her path led her to peeking into the minds of some of the world’s most inspiring extreme sports’ stars!

Topics Discussed:

  • Liv’s idyllic childhood in Wales.
  • The quest of finding identity.
  • Difficulty in choosing a career path.
  • Liv’s passion for the outdoors.
  • Documentary making in conflict zones.
  • Why Liv doesn’t experience fear.
  • The importance of embracing vulnerability.
  • The benefits of connecting with nature.
  • Why she wanted to delve into the ‘heart and soul’ of extreme sports.
  • What commonality she identified in the athletes & performers she interviewed.
  • How her experiences have changed her.

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Episode resources:

Liv Williams’ website

Purchase Liv’s book, Chasing the Elements on Amazon.

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People Mentioned:

Alex Rademaker

Herbert Nitsch

Miles Daisher

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Happy adventuring!

Victoria & Stu xx


  1. Charles Everly

    Very interesting interview, it certainly does make you ponder on why you’re here, I do believe we can all in some way have Impact on this world if we venture out of our comfort zone, extreme or otherwise!

  2. Noreen Nanget

    Very interesting lady. I enjoyed listening to the podcast.

  3. sally rawlings

    This was so enjoyable as well as inspiring, funny too.

    I have started my day listening to Victoria and Liv and feel ready to embrace the day ahead, great stuff.

    Can’t wait to read the book.

    1. Victoria Author

      Thanks, Sally! Super inspiring soul.

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