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“I could be torn in half!” – Juli Moody, stunt-woman supreme on the Off the Ropes podcast.

Can you possibly begin to imagine how it must feel to physically restrain six accelerating Harley-Davidson motorcycles with your arms and a few tow straps? Probably not.  American multiple record-breaking  stunt-woman and Olympic gold medallist, Juli Moody, explains not only how it feels, but why she is dedicated to pushing herself to such extremes.

Listen to Juli animatedly explain how and why she performs death-defying stunts, how she overcomes fear and doubt, and why she believes more women should pursue such challenging pursuits.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How it feels to restrain six Harley-Davidson motorcycles with your arms.
  • Explore the mindset of a death-defying stunt-woman
  • Why Juli visualizes success prior to her stunts.
  • How she measures the risk of every performance.
  • How she silences the doubters.
  • How she counters feelings of fear.

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One Comment

  1. Cat Platt

    Juli is fearsome, guess you would need to be with three Harley bikes on each side of her.

    Would love to watch this stunt, she is unique, and great to listen to

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