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‘There’s never the right time to have an adventure. Now is the right time!’ Endurance adventurer, Emma Timmis.

Emma Timmis is a woman with extremely itchy feet and a burning desire to discover what adventure lies around the next corner. The first woman to run almost 1500 miles of South Africa’s Freedom Trail, Emma has also cycled across Malawi, run 2500 miles from Namibia to Mozambique, and – an advocate for adventures not needing to cost the earth – she has also roller-skated across The Netherlands, just for fun!

Emma describes herself as just a normal person who believes awesome adventures are within all our grasps. Listen-up and get inspired!

Topics Discussed:

  • Why Emma wanted to be the first woman to run South Africa’s Freedom Trail.
  • Mistakes made along the way.
  • How to juggle a full-time job with a desire to explore the world.
  • Not being super-human!
  • The importance of running for pleasure.
  • Running across Africa, from Namibia to Mozambique.
  • Physical effects of running a marathon every day for three months.
  • How to persevere whilst in pain – ‘Pain is just pain; it doesn’t last.’
  • Consequences of her support team breaking-down.
  • The anti-climax of completing her run across Africa.
  • Lack of women participants in adventuring.
  • Why you don’t need money to have an adventure.

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Episode resources:

Emma Timmis official website

Emma Timmis’ blog

RSPCA Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre

Friends of Mulanje Orphanage

Banff Film Festival

People Mentioned:

Mimi Anderson

Eddie Izzard

Julie Buhring

Brendan Rendall

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  1. Kit Sturridge

    Just goes to show what one can achieve, if you stop manufacturing obstacles, and believe in your own strengths.
    Amazed at how Emma ran in the night with the possibility of encountering a snake or two, amazing.

  2. John Gibson-Lees

    Very inspiring and very brave lady running through Africa . I liked that she roller skated across the Netherlands something a bit different.

  3. Nadia Pendleton

    This was brilliant, i listened on a run and it really motivated me to keep going. It also reminded me that the only person who can organise my dream is me, If I want it I have to go for it, get in the driving seat – quite literally in my case. Teeky, you bugger, you only went and did it, you put it ‘out there’ now i definitely have to work out how to get this campervan across Italy on used olive oil! Dagnammit.

    1. Victoria Author

      Hurrah!! Soooo pleased to hear that. There’s nothing stopping you. Nowt! Keep us updated!!

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