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Dissolving the Debilitating Power of Fear with Geoff Thompson

Geoff Thompson was once described as Britain’s hardest man who taught for Chuck Norris and was even asked by Reggie Kray to be his personal bodyguard. Yet, despite a background punctured with sexual abuse, extreme violence and depression, he became a Times best-selling author, playwright, film-maker, mentor and BAFTA winning screen-writer.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How BAFTA winning writer, Geoff Thompson took himself from factory floor sweeper to revered martial artist and acclaimed author, playwright and film maker.
  • How to dissolve fear which can strangle your creativity and a chance for a better life.
  • Why you need to ‘kill your parents’.
  • How to identify who you are and discover what it is you’re meant to do.
  • Why truth is the only goal worth pursuing.
  • Why Geoff forgave the man who sexually abused him.

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Episode resources:

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Bhakti Yoga

Babaji: The Lightning Standing Still by Yogiraj Siddhanath

The Life of Milarepa (Penguin Classics) by Tsangnyon Heruka

The Mahabharata (Penguin Classics)

Royal Court London

Books by Geoff Thompson

Ted Talk by Geoff Thompson: Conquering Fear

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  1. Amazing as always love Geoff’s teachings x…Legend

  2. Victoria Author

    Thanks, Karen. Appreciate you taking the time to listen & comment. Yes, Geoff most certainly qualifies for legend status!

  3. Liam

    Geoff is my friend…… this makes me happy.

    1. Victoria Author

      That’s good to hear, Liam :)

  4. Anita Nakra

    Hi Teeky

    I really enjoyed the discussion and delighted to hear you hosting it. Geoff just has this beautiful energy and wealth of knowledge. He’s definitely a legend and a lot of his talk resonated with my truth. Thank you🙏

    1. Victoria Author

      Thanks, Anita. I don’t think he’s really human. He’s some sort of supernatural spirity soul from another world! :)

  5. Nadia

    Fantastic, I feel his story. It’s hard when people laugh at your ideas and think you’re being fanciful. ” I love you but I don’t believe you” is something that rings true. We have to follow our own rules, love who we are and believe in ourselves, our authentic selves, not easy to find that person but fantastic to listen to people like Geoff to help us on that journey.

    1. Victoria Author

      Thanks for your comment, Nadia. Yes, it’s simple, but not easy!

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