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Rape Survivor, Claire McFarlane, Embarks on Worldwide Beach Run.

At first glance, this Off the Ropes podcast episode seems incredibly disturbing and distressing. It features Claire McFarlane who was brutally beaten and raped in a Paris side-street in 1999. Yet, despite the trauma, distress and subsequent 16-year arduous battle for justice, Claire has used her horrendous experience to bring the conversation of rape out of the shadows.

In July, she’ll commence her 3-year endeavour to run 16km on almost every beach in the world -184 in total – not only for her own catharsis, but also to raise funds for, and awareness of, victims of rape.

This is a tough listen, but her determination and resilience represent the core attributes of being ‘off the ropes’. To have suffered, physically and mentally, as much as Claire, but not to give up hope or the chance for a happy, fulfilling life is utterly humbling.

If you feel unable to hear the details of Claire’s ordeal, please skip ahead to 20.54 where Claire shares the details of her exciting and incredibly impressive run around the world.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Claire convinced her attacker to let her go.
  • Why it took 16 years for Claire to move on from the trauma.
  • What book saved her life.
  • Why Claire wants to instigate a worldwide conversation about the stigma of rape.
  • Why she created ProjectBRA to support worldwide victims of rape.
  • How she prepares for her 3-year global beach run.
  • How you can support Claire on her journey.

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Episode resources:

Project BRA (Beach Run for Awareness)

Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself

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  1. Ella Woods

    What an amazing survivor of rape, and now for Clare to move on and to raise awareness by beach running in 184 country’s is so brave.

    Good luck to her and hopefully in three years time there will be a data base in each country to help understand all the issues connected to rape.

  2. Jo Feddo

    What a strong lady to come through such an ordeal. I wish her every success as she prepares for her 3 year run around the world.

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