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‘Everest is just a big rock. It’s not the answer to life’s problems.’ Cathy O’Dowd – First Woman to Summit Everest from Both Sides.

How does it feel to be the first woman to summit Mt Everest’s 29035ft from the north and south side? To experience the astonishing feat of standing on the highest point on earth knowing others have lost their lives trying? Is the answer to life’s problems waiting at the summit? Hear author, speaker, adventurer and mountaineer, Cathy O’Dowd recount her experiences on Everest and share with you valuable life lessons learned climbing some of the world’s toughest peaks.

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Just For The Love Of It, by Cathy O’Dowd

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  1. Su Hack

    Interesting listening to Cathy’s journey.

  2. Ness

    Edge of the seat interview! cannot begin to imagine myself in that situation.

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