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Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson – 11 x Gold Medal Paralympian.

Did you know what you wanted to do with your life when you were 13? Tanni Grey-Thompson certainly did; and her dream took her to 5 Paralympic Games, winning 16 medals, 11 of them gold. Tanni’s incredible determination and competitiveness also resulted in 30 world records and winning the London wheelchair marathon 6 times.  Since retiring from competitive sport, Tanni has become a broadcaster, campaigner, motivational speaker and now resides in the House of Lords as a cross-bench peer championing disability rights, welfare reform and, of course, sport!

Subjects Tanni Discusses:

  • How Spina Bifida didn’t prevent Tanni from pursuing an active and sporting lifestyle.
  • How it felt to make selection for her first Paralympic Games at Seoul 1988, age 19.
  • Why Tanni favoured the 400m wheelchair race.
  • How she managed fear and doubt at the start line.
  • Managing others’ expectations.
  • How sport can garner greater resilience.
  • How Tanni adjusted to life following retirement from sport.
  • How Paralympic success transfers to life in politics.
  • Why we’re a nation of sport spectators, not participants. And what that means for society.
  • The legacy of London 2012.
  • What policy would Tanni implement in primary schools if she could.
  • What’s driving Tanni now.

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Episode resources:

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