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‘I was so cold, I thought there was no coming back.’ – Ann Daniels, Guinness World Record polar explorer.

If you spotted an advert in your Sunday paper, seeking volunteers to trek to the North Pole, would you apply? Ann Daniels certainly did, despite having absolutely no expedition experience, or outdoor skills of any kind. On a whim, she replied to the advert, was selected, against the odds, and embarked on the all-female record-breaking expedition to the North Pole. An appetite fully whetted, Ann later became one of the first women in history to trek to the South and North Pole.

Hear Ann so descriptively portray the beauty of the North Pole; how she survived the incomprehensible temperature of -58 degrees; and how she finally discovered what she was really made of when on the brink of death.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why being a single-mother of toddler triplets didn’t deter Ann from her achieving her extraordinary feats.
  • How a tenacious and unrelenting mind-set secured two world records.
  • How imagination can help overcome hardship.
  • Why Ann plans to lead a team of individuals with former mental health issues to the North Pole.
  • How our day-to-day activities at home are changing the landscape of the North Pole.
  • How to go to the toilet in -58 degrees!

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  1. Christine Duggle

    I enjoyed listening to Ann it sounds so beautiful, well done to her it makes you think what you could do.

    1. Victoria Author

      Sure does sound beautiful. Will be scanning newspapers for ‘Polar explorers wanted’ ads from now on!

  2. Nadia

    I was thinking the same, makes me want to challenge myself more.

    1. Victoria Author

      Indeed. Let’s do it! Ben Nevis first?

  3. sally rawlings

    Listening to Ann was so interesting and entertaining, I really hope she can help people with mental health problems experience polar adventures.

  4. Nadia Pendleton

    I listened back to this podcast while out on a cold windy run a couple of days ago. The enduring message I heard was not just challenge yourself but the notion of commitment. I definitely thought about how I had skirted and danced around ideas in the past and the things that have gone well have always been those that I have fully committed to. It’s great advice and really gave me a lot to think about as I plodded through puddles. Thanks again.

    1. Victoria Author

      Thanks Nadia. Pleased to hear we’re with you on your runs!! :)

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