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Are you on a Life-Changing Adventure?

Has the Off the Ropes Podcast Changed your Life? Podcast Guests Wanted.

We received a heart-warming email last night, from a lady called Kerry Lees, who is about to leave her job in teaching and embark on a round-the-world adventure! Why? Because one of her 6th form pupils introduced her to the podcast in May, and she’s been questioning her life ever since. Similarly, a super enthusiastic Off the Ropes Facebook group member, Damian Rees, recently quit his job to pursue a life of greater purpose and more adventure. As I type, he’s making his way, via bicycle, from John O’Groats, in Scotland,  to Land’s End, in the south-west of Britain. I can’t claim we were the sole inspiration behind such a gutsy endeavour, but one of our podcast guests, Sean Conway, certainly was. (If you missed the Sean Conway interview and want to learn how and why one man stuck two fingers up to conformity and rowed, cycled and swam around Britain, you can listen in here).

We’re hoping to catch up with Kerry and Damian soon, so we can find out exactly how they packed up one existence and embarked on another. How easy is it to leave a secure job and a life of commitment and routine, to take off into the unknown? I interview guests several times a week who have done precisely that, and it sounds so simplistic and incredibly tempting.

We would love to know how the Off the Ropes podcast has changed your life. Has a particular guest made you question your purpose on earth? The meaning of your existence? Tempted you to break from the norm and pursue an alternative path? If so, please do drop me a line: victoria(at)offtheropes(dot com), and we can arrange a time to do a mini-podcast interview, if you’d like to share your story, of course!

I think we all crave a more fulfilling, meaningful and exciting life, in whatever form that takes for us individually. Yet, fear usually prevents us from taking the first step towards an alternative life. A chance of an enhanced life, but with no guarantees. If you’ve been brave enough to make the leap, oodles and oodles of congratulations to you. Hopefully, you can share your journey with us, so we can all be inspired to seek more from our short spell on earth.

To hear how some of the world’s most inspiring, pioneering and adventurous individuals got their lives ‘off the ropes’ listen-in to the Off the Ropes Podcast, from 8pm BST, every Friday, or via iTunes and Stitcher.


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