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The Off the Ropes Challenge!

It’s Time to Throw Down the Gauntlet!

Exciting times at Off the Ropes HQ! We’ve been working on a fabulous project for a few months; something which will excite you, test you, and help you achieve more in life. Oh, and something super fun also! Toot de tooooot, introducing the Off the Ropes Challenge!

Via video, each of our inspiring Off the Ropes podcast guests will set a weekly challenge; something which can be simply achieved in seven days, but will be tricky enough to boot you off your sofa of comfort and deliver a huge punch of satisfaction. It may be physical; it may be mental. It will always be whip-cracking fun. And every time you complete the challenge, you will be dancing outside of your comfort zone, without even realising.

I’m Nothing Like the Podcast Guests. Can I Do This?

The Off the Ropes podcast features individuals who have achieved extraordinary feats, despite obstacles endured. But they are ordinary people; like you and me. People wracked with fear, doubt, insecurity, financial restraints and sometimes emotional and physical difficulties. Yet, they have been able to push past these negative feelings and achieve their dreams. Not easily, but their tenacity has been unending and success, their reward.

Dreams are not fulfilled overnight. They are made up of a thousand steps. I cannot scale Everest tomorrow morning, but I could give The Malverns a go! And once they’re licked, I could try Snowdonia, Ben Nevis etc etc. I need to climb each step on the ladder of success which will take a long time, but the graft cannot be avoided. There can be no short-cuts to reaching the summit. By completing an Off the Ropes Challenge, your world of possibilities becomes infinite and each achievement will ignite a desire to accomplish more. A walk around the park today, could lead to a walk to the top of Kilimanjaro tomorrow. Well, not tomorrow, but you get my point.

I’m Interested; Sign Me Up!

1. Once a challenge is set, you have 7 days to complete the task. Go, go, goooo!
2. Take a photo of yourself enjoying the activity.
3. Post the pic to Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #OfftheRopes.
4. Leap for joy with the excitement and freedom of living off the ropes!

Win, Win, Win!

The person with the most creative interpretation of each challenge will receive one of our luxuriously soft, organic, bamboo, fair-wear t-shirts to tell the world ‘I’M OFF THE ROPES!’

Ready? Keep Your Peepers Open!

To keep you on your toes and to add the excitement of spontaneity to the challenges, there will be no set release day or time. A new challenge will appear via our new YouTube channel at any time, so make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter to keep informed.

Even we have no idea what the challenges will be, but as the podcast guests operate in such dynamic fields, including sky-diving, mountaineering, cycling, free-diving, climbing and parkour, we know the challenges are going to be amazing fun. Although, worry not. We’ve asked all the guests not to set extreme challenges, such as bungee jumping; not yet anyway!!

Are you ready to seek more, do more & be more? I feel a fist-pump coming on!

Here’s to our adventures!

Victoria & Stu. x

Ps. If inspiration and motivation are your thing, be sure to visit the podcast page of the Off the Ropes website and hear how some of the world’s most inspiring, pioneering and adventurous people overcame adversity and got their lives ‘off the ropes’.

Pps. And to learn why your comfort zone is killing you, cast your eyes over this recent blog post.

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